At it’s core, the design originates from the belief that every urban dweller has a fundamental right to light. Beyond that, it was a matter of responding to site, program and building regulations and constraints related to the project brief. The objective was to develop strategies for optimizing levels of natural light to the interior, but through solutions that would incorporate added value to spatial quality and emphasize placemaking.As simple as the design objective was, the constraints and requirements dictating the design outcome were both challenging and restrictive. In order to unify architectural expression while also responding to numerous design criteria, a geometric network of curve pathways was developed which operate both as a design engine and framework.

The formal expression of the project was developed through a series of refinements and integrative strategies following the initial raw massing. The raw massing was dictated by building regulations and client requirements. Each floor was to be arranged within three units that were associated vertically but separated horizontally. In order to respond to the necessity of a central light corridor that was meaningful rather than only functional, the massing was pinched to allow natural daylighting. Finally a geometric system of strip morphologies was used to unify the three towers into a single building design.

Design team: Raha Ashrafi | Marziah Zad | Mohsen Marizad | Ahmad Bathae


Clinic and medical


completed 2017



Hamedan, Iran


Hamedan, Iran


638 sqm
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