Hamedan Chamber of Commerce

Persian art and architecture is heavily influenced by mathematical geometry, with few, if any notable works existing without a geometric framework appearing in the composition. The formal, organizational and even decorative properties inherent to geometric systems were the design basis of the Hamedan Chamber of Commerce. The narrow strip morphology is the result of interference and interaction between design requirements and site forces such as entry access, the sun path, views and site parameters.
The relationship between various elements and spatial organization were controlled through the resulting geometric pattern and integrated design and building components into a greater whole. The building design is based on this spatial pattern such that the vertical and horizontal adaptation and connection of the strip morphologies generates the global form. The compound is also formulated from the expansion and plasticity of the original pattern which resultantly integrates the enclosure with the building structure. This system also translated into the geometric language of the facade.
The tri-axis configuration on the ground floor creates two principal V.I.P. and general public entrances, with the third arc responding to the site parameter and surrounding woodland. These three arcs create varying views to the highway, mountain range and woodlands for interior spaces across different floors.

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