Indian Resturant


Iran, Isfahan




Total floor area: 30sqm





Design Team

Raha Ashrafi, Marziah Zad, Mohsen Marizad, Ahmad Bathae

Foodies was an ambitious project from the go. The client was a restaurateur with ten years of experience working as a chef in India, who wanted to launch a business and bring authentic Indian cuisine to Iran. Due to a limited budget, the client's business priority was to facilitate sales of well prepared, authentic food, and less on the dining experience. This design was followed with a process of optimization and testing, as well as solving structural details and joinery systems. All functional elements including the ceiling pattern, decorative lighting, tables and seating, were digitally fabricated in-house and assembled and installed on site. The team incorporated a taste of Indian aesthetic through careful selection of textiles used in the seating upholstery, as well as colors used in lighting and paint. In order to give a sense of expanse, as well as be an economical material solution, mirrors were used on the upper walls.This also helped to light the space further, requiring less investment in lighting solutions.